Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Giveaway

Ok.... I know - I've hardly waited to even start this :) But I'm so anxious to start it - I've decided - why not tonight?!? :)

So I will be giving to a lucky winner one of our flour sack towels with a Jane Austen quote - It starts September 1st - September 12th.  Add a comment to this post and I'll choose a lucky winner out of all the posts - sounds easy enough right?!?!  (If not be sure to contact me :))

Here are the three options you can choose from  :)

Welcome to North South Creations....

I admit, I'm super excited about beginning this.... for many reasons, but one so that everyone can see the new creations from North South!  Also, I can give away items and hopefully have some fun discussions of what should be next on the list for North South Creations.

I have an Etsy site which has been open since March 2011, but I've been slowly and surely had a little "following" and selling items here and there.

I have a lot of items that are focused on Jane Austen and her writing because I just love Jane Austen!  I would have loved to find items like this, but also I've been able to connect with my  mother, who is an amazing seamstress and she has added her own touch to NS Creations.

So here are a few items that I've recently posted on my Etsy site.  I would love any input on what should be my first giveaway! :)



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Thanks for following and God Bless